Tamarind glazed lamb ribs

I’ve been away from the BBQ scene for a bit, so I was excited to whip up this particular meal.  I got a hold of some lamb breast and wrote out a list of some new things to try with it.  I usually cook it whole, without too much trimming.  I had another project in mind which required that for this cook, I just use the portion of the lamb breast which correlates to the Denver lamb rib cut.  Upon removing the lamb breast from the packaging, I was a bit dismayed:

Some butcher completely deboned and trimmed one of the sides (boneless slab on bottom)Image

I was limited to just one rack of ribs for this cook, but realized I could put the trimmed lamb belly to good use for another food project and all was not lost.  The ribs were removed and trimmed:
Image Image

The rub for the ribs was pretty basic – just salt, pepper, and Chinese 5 spice:
Image Image Image

Once the ribs were tossed onto the smoker, I set out to make the tamarind marinade:

tamarind nectar, fish sauce, ginger, and brown sugarImage

Almost forgot the curry paste:

This was cooked down at a low temp until thick and syrupy:
Image Image

Four hours in, the ribs were looking pretty good and ready for a good glazing:
Image Image

I basted them every 25-30 minutes.  Once I was happy with the amount of glaze, the ribs came off the smoker:

In the meantime, I cooked some coconut-ginger-jasmine rice:
Image Image

Time to grub:

Image Image Image

The very mild gaminess of that Pacific Northwestern-raised lamb, combined with the sultry, tangy, slightly sweet, and spicy glaze — just out of this world delicious!  I really could have used another rack of those bad boys.
As this meal has an Asian-theme to it, I figured the dessert should follow the same tune.  Asian desserts tend to be fairly healthy, and I wasn’t in the mood for such things.  Nope, tonight would consist of something smoked and then deep fried.  Then it came to me – dessert eggrolls!  Smoked apple eggrolls to be exact.
I used some Granny Smith apples, which were peeled, cored, coated with cinnamon and brown sugar, and then topped with tamarind nectar:
Image Image Image

They were removed from the smoker after a few hours and cooked down in more tamarind nectar until caramelized:
Image Image Image

The tamarind-apple filling was wrapped in egg rolls and deep fried over medium heat:
Image Image Image

While still piping hot, the smoked apple egg rolls were tossed in a smoked vanilla bean cinnamon sugar mixture:

Oh yes…that’s the ticket:

Image Image Image

Oh goodness.  They were like deep fried caramel apple pies.  50% sweet and 50% tart and 100% sinful.
Good eats.

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One Response to Tamarind glazed lamb ribs

  1. Griffin says:

    Wow!! You haven’t lost your touch one bit. Still knocking it out of the park. Cooking with ingredients I’ve no idea what to do with. Love the look of the lamb ribs and those apple pie egg rolls thingees. Good to have you back. Hope to see more stuff soon.

    P.S. You don’t have to go all out all the time. You can make it easier on yourself (and not make the rest of us look so bad. ;) )

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