Homemade Smoked Beef Bacon

So two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the process of making some cured beef bacon. I used Morton’s sugar cure at a rate of 1ounce per pound, cured for 7 days per inch. Yesterday, I completed the process and here’s your pics:

Beef belly rubbed down with Morton’s Sugar Cure ( with fresh cracked black pepper added):

I placed each beef belly slab in foodsavor bags:

After 2 weeks, I thoroughly rinsed the slabs, and soaked them in luke warm water. Thicker slabs got a 1 hour soak , thinner slabs got 2 hours. They were then placed on cooling racks and left to dry in the fridge for 2 days and 10 hours:

Side-view of thinner slab cut:

Side-view of thicker slab cut:

Slabs stacked and ready for the smoker:

Slabs on smoker after a few hours:

So while the slabs are on the smoker, I decide to take some of the slab trimmings, and cut off a few slices of cured, unsmoked bacon for frying:

The taste is not what I’m used to from the commerical beef bacon I used to be able to buy. It’s very “beefy” and has an obvious lack of smoke flavor.  Since it was dry-cured, you can see that there wasn’t alot of milky-white liquid oozing from the bacon. Also, I think the cattle used for this were grass fed, which I don’t think I’ve ever tried. Nontheless, it is tasty and slightly salty.

Here’s the slabs after about 4 hours on the smoker:

I had been smoking them at 135 degrees, using hickory and cherry wood, and raised this to 150-160 degress towards the end. Here are the slabs fresh off the smoker:

Cherry wood really gives smoked meats a dark, mahogany color.
I let them cool and then refrigerated them overnight. I cut into one of the slabs this morning, hoping to slice and fry up a few pieces – beautiful:

However, I need to cut fairly thin slices and the creamy fat will just make a mess on the slicer. So, in the freezer the slab went. Guess I’ll have breakfast for dinner today I’ll post some dinner pics later this evening.

The bacon slab finished freezing and I sliced it up on the Chef’s Choice 667:

Frying up the bacon:

Beef bacon, cheesy eggs, and cinnamon sugar toast (breakfast for

Close-up of beef bacon:

beef bacon BLT, with Hawaiian spicy BBQ chips:

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